Treadmill or Dreadmill?

By Eric Ashe

Oftentimes, I take my run inside due to poor weather…on windy cold days like today! ¬† I used to dread running on the treadmill.. But after making a few adjustments, it’s not so bad anymore!

See the sunlight, yes, get off the hamster wheel! photo courtesty of Flickr user eccampbell.

Here is a few ways I like to mix it up on the treadmill:

Progression runs-
Start extra slow and increase the speed every mile. This breaks the run up into individual miles, rather than one long boring run. And usually I feel better as the pace increases!

every couple minutes, increase the speed about a minute per mile faster for 15-30 seconds. This makes time go by quick because I’m focusing on each short interval. It also makes normal pace feel slower!

If I want to stay at a certain pace for an extended time, I’ll put a towel over the time and not allow myself to look at the time after a certain number of songs are played. This allows me to focus on the music and not watch the seconds tick by slowly.

Are you wind proof or mentally tough?!  Where did you run today?

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