Tuesday Morning Run Group

Join us – Tuesday mornings at 9am! The run group kicks off on Tuesday, May 5th.

Newton 10K - June

Have you met the friendliest and most encouraging runner in Massachusetts yet?  Your future run leader & our staff member, Lisa is exactly that and will be leading you on weekly run trips around Newton.  She wants to call the group the Tuesday Titans; don’t worry there will be a vote, you will help decide.

Lisa is a therapist at 360 Neuromuscular Therapy, a scientist, and an ultra runner. As a member of the former Team LUNA Chix Boston Run team, she has experience with group runs for all levels of ability and experience.

Don’t be frightened by her motto “more miles is more smiles”, this group run will be all about you, the participants.

Meet weekly at GBRC-Newton Center and be ready to hit the pavement at 9am.
Paces will be casual and fun; we want this to be a social activity as well as healthy.
Routes will be those posted outside the front door of GBRC-Newton Center. This may change as the group develops, in which case maps will be provided.

Distances will determined by that day’s participants. There will be a no-drop policy; faster runners can start later and catch-up or run ahead and meet us back at the store.

Updates will be posted on GBRC-Newton Center Facebook Page and Lisa will send a group email (with your permission). Be forewarned, Lisa has run in blizzards and hurricanes; provided it’s safe you’ll be able to run in all weather.

Interested? Have a suggestion? Contact us at newton@run.com!

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