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Want to know what it’s like to be a part of the GBRC team?  Andover employee Michael Robertson shared his experience on his blog, Once A Runner, Always A Runner.

Most of all, I love the people, the guys and gals whose job it is to make sure that you get the right pieces of equipment to best enjoy your running experience in a healthy, and hopefully chafe-free, way.  More often than not, running store employees are runners themselves, often at a very high level at one point in their lives, so they not only know about what they are selling you, they know a thing or two about how you are going to use it.  This summer, and continuing through the present, I had the opportunity to become one of these people, and it has been a fantastic experience.

 The goal of the store is to give the customer a great experience and have him or her leaving confident that they were properly outfitted and, if for some reason their purchase doesn’t work out, we’ll make it right.

Every store has their own philosophy on the shoe fitting process.  We use video analysis to help us get you in the right shoes.  The first step is to find out what you’re currently wearing and whether or not you are happy with the shoes.  We’ll ask questions about current training and future plans.  Then, we put you in a neutral shoe that won’t correct any gait imperfections and put you on our treadmill for about 8 seconds, during which we record you from the waist down.  When done, we can go through frame by frame and see whether you are a neutral runner or supinate/pronate.  Next we bring you a selection of different models that fit your gait and make sure you end up in the one that feels best.  It’s just that easy.  Some customers are looking to start their running lives, or get back into them after an injury layoff.  Some are looking to PR, some BQ.  Whatever their goal, it’s a great feeling to be a part of helping them on their way to attaining it.

Of course, if I worked with lousy co-workers the experience would be a lot less fun.  Thankfully, I’m surrounded by people that just love the sport.  I love the gig.  Working with great people, talking about running, and helping runners?  What more could a guy ask for in a weekend job?

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