RunThisTown Success Story: Charline

Six weeks ago Charline Polynice saw a poster for the Run This Town Beginner Runner Training Program at GBRC Lexington to train for the Piggy’s Run 5K


Charline was anxious about joining this group because she had never exercised a day in her life.   I assured Charline that she would fit inCharline1 and do great!  I assured her I’d be there for her and would not let her down nor would I leave her side. The first couple of weeks were challenging but she got through it and never quit!  Charline never missed a class and showed up brimming with enthusiasm and couldn’t wait to get out there. There were times she started off in a group of her classmates but then ended up alone but she would never quit!  I would push her and she just kept improving!  A week before the race she said, “If I can do this, it will be a miracle!”  I told her I would be at that finish line waiting for her to turn that corner.   Race day came and the entire group and lots of others were standing at the finish line waiting and there she was jogging down the entire way to the finish line!  It was a very proud moment for me and unbelievable moment for Charline. She crossed that finish line falling into my arms with tears of joy. There was not a dry eye in sight.

Charline2That is what RunThisTown is all about….changing lives.

By Coach Margaret McCullough

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  1. jenn says

    Way to go Charline!! What a great success story and the race you ran for was in memory of one of the nicest men ever known. Keep up the good work!!!!

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