RunThisTown Success Story: Ellie Baker

My Experience in GBRC Lexington’s RunThisTown Beginner Runner Training Program

by Ellie Baker


As a baby boomer, I’m at the age where many people say they just can’t run any more.  Thanks to the Greater Boston Running Company in Lexington and Margaret McCullough’s coaching in the RunThisTown beginner training program, my running ability is not only revived, but improving!  I recently ran a 5K race with the group, something that just a short time ago I would have thought impossible.  The energy, fun, and motivation boost that comes from running with the group is terrific and Margaret doesn’t let us skip our warm-ups, stretching, or core work, so I seem to be less injury prone too.  This is a wonderful community-oriented multi-age program and the women in the group, regardless of level, are very supportive of one another.  I really appreciate Margaret’s upbeat energy, enthusiasm and coaching – she seems to take genuine pleasure in shepherding all of us, regardless of starting point, to a greater level of fitness!

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