RunThisTown Success Story: Nigel Lewis

What has joining RunThisTown meant to me?


Quite simply, it has helped me build a life here. Being new to town, in fact to the country, I was a little lost. I arrived in the winter and really did sit on the couch and comfort eat – quite a lot. My husband was out of town working all the time, my kids were in school and I knew nobody. I had been so busy getting my family settled I had ignored me. I really needed to sort myself out. Whilst out looking for somewhere to get ice cream, my eldest daughter noticed the sign heralding the start of GBRC Couch to 5k program. Without realizing what was happening, she had gotten me through the door and told me it would be great for me.  Me? I couldn’t run! I didn’t run as a child. I would let a bus leave without me rather than pick up my feet. I’m not sure I even owned a pair of sneakers! Margaret the coach assured me that this was ok, she would be there to help every step of the way and I really would be able to run 5k at the end of this programme. I had my doubts – this would be quite a challenge for us both. This was the ultimate case of Couch to 5k and Margaret never failed me.  Eight months later I am still running with the store. I now own several pairs of sneakers, I have run quite a few 5k races, (my times improving with each one) and I am fitter than I have been for many years.  The benefits of this programme have not ended there. Along the way I have made many great friends. After all, a hot tea after a run on a cold day is perfect social time. I also have an amazing group of welcoming people that I can turn to for advice on everything that I have needed to face when making a life in new country. Oh and recently, I realised that I could run for the bus to make that night out with my running buddies! Who wouldn’t want to keep running when all this arrives alongside it.


By Nigel Lewis

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