Staff Profile: Avery Beal

Meet Avery Beal, sales associate at Greater Boston Running Company – Lexington.

“I started running when I was 16 years old by training for a 10k,” says Avery, who joined the GBRC team in 2013. “I have always been a goal oriented individual, so it didn’t take long for me to get hooked on the rush of training and racing.  Since then, I have done numerous road races ranging in distance from 5k to a marathon, with a few sprint distance triathlons.”

Avery Beal Lexington Greater Boston Running Company“I graduated in kinesiology from Louisiana State University where I developed an even greater appreciation for the importance of maintaining a physically active lifestyle as well as the physiological and biomechanical capabilities of the human body.”

“I have always had the desire to help people in everything I do, and it is my passion in life to do this by helping others understand the benefits of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.”

“My favorite aspect of working for the Greater Boston Running Company is helping the customers that have been injured and haven’t been able to run in a while, but are ready to give it another try.  It is so gratifying to fit someone with the right pair of shoes and to show them how something as simple as a shoe can correct their biomechanical deficiencies, prevent many common running injuries, and get them back out there running.  Also, there are no medications or treatments, besides physical activity, that can prevent the occurrence of  chronic diseases simultaneously and I am proud to work in an environment that encourages people to get moving!”

“Being born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I had never run a true hill before moving to Massachusetts.  I can now say I’ve run my fair share of hills and enjoy the challenge it presents in a training run or a race.”

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