Staff Profile: Bill Babcock

Meet Bill Babcock, sales associate at Greater Boston Running Company – Lexington.

“During my freshman year at Boston University, as I watched the runners of the 1971 Boston Marathon pass me by, I made a vow that one day I would qualify for this world-renowned race,” says Bill, who was hired in 2013. “Four years later I began running, and three years after that I competed in the 1978 Boston Marathon.”

“As a former football, hockey and baseball player, I loathed running as part of practice or punishment. However, once I took up the sport of running I realized that it is the basis of all sports and the purest form of exercise there is.”

“At first I used running as a way of reducing stress and weight. I’ll admit it was extremely hard at first, but the feelings I experienced were like nothing I had experienced before — I was hooked. Most of all, I enjoy the purity of the sport. It’s me against the clock and against everyone else in the race. Every one of us is striving for a common goal: to compete to the best of our ability.”

“Since my early training days, my life has changed for the better and both my physical and mental health improved tremendously. Running has afforded me the opportunity to coach high school athletes for so many years. Coaching and running keep me feeling young. I can’t imagine life without either one of them.”

Bill Babcock Lexington Greater Boston Running Company

Coach Babcock and Darius Walker (Lexington ’07/UCLA ’11), a multiple time state champ in the sprints and long jump. As one of Babcock’s athletes, Darius was an integral part of an extensive team of Lexington athletes to have reached state and national success.

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