Staff Profile: Tai Man

Meet Tai Man, sales associate at Greater Boston Running Company – Lexington.

Tai Man Lexington Greater Boston Running CompanyHired in 2013, he shared some fond memories of running that continue to shape his experience as a member of the GBRC team:

“Running down a mountain is the closest thing to flying without wings. Leaping off a cliff might be closer—except that after the first step, you’re done.

For two summers, I worked on the Randolph Mountain Club trail crew, maintaining and repairing hiking trails in the northern Presidential Mountains. Each morning, we would hike up the mountain to our work site. I may never have a better commute or a better office view than from the side of a mountain. In the late afternoon, finally done, we would start hiking down. With gravity, hiking became jogging. With momentum, jogging turned to running—full speed—packs bobbing, tools jangling, and boots crashing over root and rock and earth. At the bottom, almost breathless, we could only grin.

Away from the mountains, far away from summer and trail crew, running down even small hills still feels like flying. And running up hills in running shoes is easier than in boots.”

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