Adidas Boston Marathon has Arrived!

What is better than an official Boston Marathon jacket?

Big news – we have our Boston Marathon jackets, singlets and shorts.marathon

North Shore Boston Marathoners – stop in and pick up your jacket.   I promise, Tucker will smile when you come into the store! 

Don’t want to wear it before finishing the race? 

Tip #1: Hang your new jacket that you’re not allowed to wear… near your bed so you’ll pop out of bed each morning for the next 44 days!

Tip #2:  Try it on once so you know how good it feel once you complete the 26.2 journey.

Tip #3:  The Boston Marathon jacket does, in fact, have powers to make you feel great.  Some say it’s not important to have every article of clothing that says 2014 Boston Marathon.  From experience, I have a feeling there is a good chance when you finish the Marathon, you’ll want to yell it from the mountains.  You might not have enough strength so ….

this jacket will keep you warm and project your PRIDE and EXCITEMENT.   

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