Boston Marathon – Northshore running group

When I signed on to run my first Boston Marathon, I don’t think I really understood what I had gotten into. 

I had run a marathon before, but never jsheridantrained through the winter.  I had normally taken most of my running inside during the winter, but  I knew with long runs of more than 10 miles looming, I would have to take my training to the great outdoors.  I didn’t know anyone else that was training that winter so most of my long runs were solo, and the winter weather was a shock to the system!  I had questions about such things as what to wear, where to run, what to eat, and what to do about that crazy wind that blows off the water!” – Jennie Sheridan

If this sounds like you… we have the group for you!

Over the last few weeks in the GBRC-Swampscott store, we’ve had the opportunity to meet and talk to many local runners who are training for the 2014 Boston Marathon and other spring marathons.  It may be your first, your 10th or 25th marathon, but through our experience we know that it never hurts to have local running pals to join for long runs, camaraderie, commiseration, and a little fun.  Ask questions, set up meeting times for runs, share your experiences, offer advice, talk gear, solve the world’s problems…it can all be done!

Boston Marathon

We have set up a Facebook group to accomplish this very goal, and you are invited to join.  It’s called “Greater MHD-SWMP Marathon Training” and we welcome anyone interested in taking part in this community as we hit the road as training begins.   Search for the page on Facebook and ask to join!  We look forward to your participation and hopefully sharing some miles over the next 20 weeks!

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