Crushing on the Nike Free? Zoom Elite might love you back!

 Do you have a crush on the Nike Free?

By Store Manager, Katie Weinmann

It’s a cute shoe – it says fast and available in every color.  It is a light, dynamic shoe – What else could you want in a running shoe?  Unfortunately, as we’ve heard from several of you – it is not the best shoe for every runner that wants a fast feeling foot.  As runners and walkers, we understand some of us need a little stability.  At GBRC, we understand that these light stability runners deserve to feel fast too!

We Weigh In … the Powerhouse Light Stability Options

The Nike Zoom Elite +6

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I fell in love with the Nike Zoom Elite last summer when I was looking for a second training shoe.   The Nike Zoom Elite +6 is a form fitting shoe ideal for neutral or light overpronators.  The form fitting feel is best described by Mark Gorski in his Running Technique Tips site, Mark accurarely compares the new Zoom Elite to “a throw back to your old high school track spike!”

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Class/ Type:  Neutral, Light Stability, Cushion
Drop: 10mm difference between heel and toe box
Zoom Cushioning – lightweight and durable

Fast, Form Fitting Shoe

Nike provides a spectucular midfoot feel with the use of their Flywire technology, most notable used in Nike’s track spikes or in the recent updated Nike Free 5.0.  The Flywire technology is the strategically placed filaments that function like cables attaching to the lace loops around the midfoot, essentially this technology allows for a personalized snug fit for each runner.  In addition, the upper and midfoot design of the Zoom Elite is mesh – a forgiving, breathable, and comfortable mesh. 

Notable Mention
The toe box is large, in depth and width, which is a great feeling to allow your toes to spread naturally.   Not a typical and common feel with a running shoe that is snug through the midfoot.

Light Stability / Neutral shoe 
The Nike Zoom Elite is a workhorse neutral shoe for long miles and ideal for overpronators looking for a lighter shoe.

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