Donate Your Used Athletic Shoes.

Thank you to the Swampscott community for donating and filling up our donation sneaker box in record time!   The GBRC Swampscott store is shipping out our 1st box of shoe donations today.


Many people ask, “what happens to all the shoes?” The shoes are sold in major metro areas to vendors who in turn create jobs and help improve the quality of life in cities. The vast majority of Africans cannot afford new shoes. The proceeds from the sale of the shoes provides training and tools to the poorest rural farmers.

In addition to funding several life-changing efforts, collecting used shoes and selling them to locals in Ghana provides additional environmental benefits. So many shoes sit in dark closets, forgotten and never worn, and then end up in landfills. Reusing these shoes further promotes the global efforts to reuse and recycle.

All GBRC stores collect used sneakers throughout the year.  Please keep your donations coming!  If you would like to hear more about the donation process and where your beloved training partners (your sneakers) are being sent, check out

Thank you again!

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