Happy Birthday to November Project!

 NovProject is the #1 reason why I love Boston so much and here is why:


  1. Being the most enthusiastic welcoming community
  2. Constant motivation to get out of my warm bed & to work out hard!
  3. It’s free!

Maybe I’ve grabbed your attention by now and you might be wondering what is the November Project?

It’s a grassroots group or “tribe” that works out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at different locations all over the city of Boston.  Two friends, Brogan and Bojan challenged each other to meet up Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6:30AM for one November month back in 2011.   As they worked out, they invited other friends to join them.  Brogan and Bojan raced the Harvard Stadium stairs on Wednesday mornings and by the following summer had over 300 people climbing the steps with them.

Nov project.


The movement started and gained support with each tribe member inviting more friends.  As the tribe grew, their workouts evolved adding Mondays with the infamous #destinationdecks and Fridays with Summit Ave hill repeats.  The November Project was first described to me as “workouts your grandfather would respect.”

North End Park - Destination Deck Monday workout


The destination deck is a unique workout where the tribe discovers a new place in the city each week.  Every Sunday evening, Brogan and Bojan tweet out a location for the Monday morning workout and the tribe meets at 6:30AM.  The destination deck traditionally consisted of completing the workout based on the flip of a deck of cards: Red cards represented sit-ups and black cards represented push-ups.  To keep the tribe on our toes and stronger, Brogan and Bojan like to mix in mountain climbers, burpees, and carry your buddy workout.  We are not fancy.  The November Project works out in the free parks around the city and carries a buddy for extra weight during short sprints.

Check out the full story on the November Project in the December 2013 issue of Runner’s World.   And better yet, join us on Monday, Wednesday or Friday for a great workout.

To quote the NP blog, “It’s simple. Hundreds of humans, the good kind, are waiting for you each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.”

Congratulations to the November Project tribe on two years!

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