Kick Up Your Run

Kick Up Your Run with Music from All Over.

Store Manager, Katie Weinmann



Do you groove, bounce and dance during your runs?

The technical terms might vary based on musical genres.  Some running coaches might discourage the additional movement as it might waste some precious running energy.  However, if we’re breaking down some stress levels, out for run and want to enjoy a little additional amusement, Daniela Messina has a tip to add some funk to Kick Up Your Run.

I had the pleasure of meeting and fitting Daniela Messina with shoes over the past weekend.   As with many customers, we talked about race day strategies and running habits.  Daniela shared a great race day tip that I wanted to pass along to the Greater Boston Running Company community.

Before a big race, Daniela emails all of her friends and family of all ages from all over the country for well wishes.  Another big point of action that she requests is song submissions to her ‘Race Day Playlist’.  In addition to having a large spectrum of musical genres, each song brings her focus during the race to a different friend or family member.  She has the entertainment of the song and a motivational reason for running with each passing song.


What running tips do you have for your community?   Comment here, email, or for the best return on your time, stop by Vinnin Square!

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