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“The importance of your muscles related to running lies with the “weakest link” persumption – the power of the runner is dependent not on the strength that he/she can produce but on which facet of his running body tires first.”  –  Running Anatomy by Joe Puleo and Dr. Patrick Milroy


Running is a full body effort with many factors affecting the success of each run.  The following information is a short summary of an exercise explanation from Joe Puleo and Dr. Patrick Milroy’s book, Running Anatomy, which is available for check-out at the Greater Boston Running Company, Swampscott.


The upper torso of a runner’s body is a very important as we’re putting a greater demand for oxygen than when resting. 

As noted by Puleo and Dr. Milory, many runners feel they can improve their running with pace or quantity increases.  The legs may be capable of running the miles, but if the lungs do not have the capacity to provide oxygen to those legs, than you’re only able to be carried as far as the lungs allow. 

 Add in the Dumbell PressDumbell-bench-pressMuscles:  Strengthens your pectoral muscle group and abdominal muscles

Running Focus:  Improved posture, cardiovascular and respiratory function

Why/ How this helps my running:   A stronger upper body means more efficient running and less wasted energy. 

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