Olympic Ice Skating and Race Registration

Good afternoon North Shore Supporters!

This morning, the GBRC 5K training group took to the streets or ice packed rink for our  training session.  As we’ve done for the last 6 weeks, the group timed our workout with intervals, switching between running and walking based on our pace group.


We survived, but looking back – it appears our 5K group is now ready for Olympic Ice Skating competitions!   Be careful out there everyone – Yak Trax or treadmill are great options. 





The target race is only 1 month away! 

The GBRC 5K group and GBRC running specialists officially invite the entire North Shore community to come out to the Green Stride St. Patty’s Day GBRC 5k goal race on Saturday, March 15th.  The morning will be filled with excitement, triumph, and big wins of accomplishment! 

Green Stride 5K

Come out, join us for the run, yell at the finish line – cheer on your mom, your wife, your aunt, your sister, your best friend! 

One of the best parts of life is supporting and recognizing hard work.   

This group of 8 women have worked hard! They ran through freezing temperatues, navigated the 2014 snow tundra of Massachusetts, and all during their first attempts or re-attempts at running. 

Clear your calendars and show your support!


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