Running Stronger … with Flexibility (part 2)

A couple days before Christmas, the store posted about Dynamic Stretching, which is an essential pre-run ritual. 

This afternoon, we wanted to highlight some key Static Stretches for your Post-Run

Why do we need to stretch? I think everyone knows “it’s good for you” and it “helps you feel better”, but here are a couple reasons how stretching helps your body and why we need to make it a habitual part of your routine.

Kneeling Hip Flexor and Hamstrings –

The hip flexor is engaged while running, picking up the knee during hill or stair climbing.   The hip flexor must be cared and stretched to avoid groin or hip injuries.


Quad Stretch

The quadricep stretch is aimed at the group of muscles on the front portion of your leg.  The quads play an important role in the function of running and must be stretched to avoid imbalances with the hamstrings or injury.









Standing Calf

The standing calf stretch is aimed at tight calves, which lead to plantar fascitities, achillies tendonitis, tight calves, tight hamstrings and shin splints. stepstretch

The standing calf stretch is a game changer. 

It is so important that the athletic and medical industry created a unique product to assist with full range, stability and support for correct stretching of the calf.  The Step Stretch is a patented rocker design product that isolates each complex muscle of the leg and allows ideal stretching of the ankle, leg and foot.  The Greater Boston stores have them on the shelf if you’re in need!


Best of luck with your runs!

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