Saucony’s Endorphin Ld4

Saucony’s Endorphin Ld4 is the lightest spike ever!


Saucony Endorphin Spikes


It is designed for a range of events (1500 meters to 10,000 meters). In races when every second counts you can depend on the endorphin for its super lightweight performance engineered upper spike plate. They are made with flex film overlays which makes the spikes supportive, yet thin and lightweight. The midsole of the spike is made with an EVA blend than maximizes rebound and durability while minimizing weight.

If you’re a long distance runner looking for a new racing spike you should pick up the 3.2 oz spike and prepare to impress the field with your ultralight spikes!

Also if you are a middle distance runner try the endorphin md4 (800-5000m). It’s 6-pin spike plate is designed to keep you on your toes with maximum traction. The md4 also has the same lightweight feel as the ld4!

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