Science and Research behind the Shoes

“Shoe Technology Races Ahead.”

Earlier this week, posted in the Business section of the Boston Globe is a great article about the science and research behind the development of the latest shoes coming to market.

Have you ever wondered, what’s in this shoe, why is this better, is this shoe for me?

The New Balance Fresh Foam 980 is one of the latest to be released and available to try on, test and take home for $110 from any of the Greater Boston Running Company stores.


The article provides insight to the development process, “The Boston shoemaker has been measuring the forces and pressures on the human foot as a runner hits his stride, and from that designed New Balance’s softest running shoe yet.  ”  Claire Wood, senior product manager for performance running at New Balance breaks down the technology a little more offering that “the technology enabled the company to develop a soft shoe that has enough stability that runners should not be at a greater risk.”  The midsole is made of a single piece of lightweight yet strong foam shaped to provide more cushion in the front and more stability at the heel.

Thank you to Taryn Luna, Globe Correspondent for writing about the exciting updates in the running industry.   It’s clear – the companies are trying to make running a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

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