Three Reasons Why You Should Run With A Group

The holidays are over and the mid-January thaw is also over.  We can’t be fooled –  it’s January in New England so we have snow and cold temperatures for a couple weeks longer.

I guarantee that meeting up with a group of runners will be the magic bullet to succeed in January, February, March and most of April.  With a like minded group by your side, you can have successful winter of running, working out, or walking.

Group 5K - January 6th

Three Reasons … to call, poke, message, text or post to your new training friends.

1.  Social outlet

I’m not sure that many would list the social aspect as the number one reason to run with others, but it’s one of the greatest benefits!  You will make friends with similar running levels, The gains from a running group are far beyond what you’d expect.  You’ll gain advice on the best running routes, free movie reviews, restaurant recommendations and maybe fit in some casual networking too.  With any group, you build a connection and the gains are beyond the physical fitness improvements

2. Accountability in Attendance and Effort 

Your running partner is counting on you.  The group is counting on you.  You’re an important part, whether you’re leading or following.  When you have a group, they’ll hold you accountable relative to both attendance and effort.  You need to maintain the same effort as your training partners.   It is proven that if you want to get faster, you will by training with a faster group.

Group GFRC


3. Resources for Learning

Before I joined a running group, I didn’t know that everyone was allowed to wear running tights and I didn’t need to be intimated by them.   I learned from my running partners about the importance of fuel during long runs (thank goodness my new running friends are charitable and giving – saved me and my legs!)  My oldest running friend made certain I understood where to put my gear during a race so I’d be well positioned for the post-race refreshments.  Do you ever have a new nagging pain on your foot, leg, or ankle?   I don’t recommend ignoring consistent pain, but a fellow runner has most likely experienced one or more of the same injuries and can tell you the simple phrase, “You will run again and this is how I  overcame ____injury.”    A training group can range from college students to retirees  with experiences and knowledge to guide you through your first 5k, marathon, or tough new goal.

Looking for a group in the North Shore?

  • The Greater Boston Running Company hosts run on Monday at 9am, Tuesdays at 6pm and Thursdays at 9am.
  • North Shore Striders are a very friendly group with lots of group run.   I highly recommend their weekend runs!
  • The Wicked Club of Salem is well known and very social.
  • The Greater Framingham Running Club.  My running career started with the GFRC so I need to give them a plug.   Fantastic group with lots of experience and running levels. If you work in that area, you can get your workout in after work before traveling back to the North Shore!

Get out there and run with a buddy!

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