To Love or To Run? Do Both!

Is your Valentine a Runner?

By Running Specialist, Katie Thongchanh and Manager, Katie Weinmann

If he/she is, GBRC has a set to die for! (The best part is it is on sale too!).

love men photo

The  men’s set is a red dri-fit t-shirt and a 2 in 1 dri-fit short. The t-shirt features UPF 40+, which on the UPF rating scale is excellent ultraviolet radiation protection!  It’s important to love your skin.  It also features strategically placed ports for a hassle free earphone cord for all the music lovers out there!

The nike dri-fit shorts are the perfect shorts … The ones that you just fall in love with!  They’re the shorts to keep cool. It also features a back pocket that zips to keep your keys in or some clif shot bloks! The shot bloks help ensure you’ll still be loving when you return from your run- no one likes a cranky runner! 

love womensAnd for the running loving ladies out there, GBRC pulled out a set that will keep you cool, dry and looking fabulously lovely for the coming spring season! The North Face ‘better than naked’ t-shirt has been featured on the Runner’s World gear of the year (2013).  This garment is made with flash dry technology- it’s the shirt that loves you back! It’s a durable waterproof or wind proof shell construction with enhanced breathability for a wide range of temperatures.

The GTD Noth Face running short  matches perfectly with with the ‘better than naked’ top! Matching outfit – clearly, this outfit says something loving.  It is an essential bottom for staying dry and comfortable for running long distances! It has a comfortable built in brief liner, and is backed with a rear pocket to store any necessities  for your long run!

To add in a sweet running treat, here at GBRC we are currently loving clif shot blocks! This yummy energy chew contains 2 servings per package!  One for you and your date!  

The best part about all of this- It’s all on sale for our Wint’ah stickah sale!

The Mike dri-fit t-shirt rings in at $19.97
Dri-fit 2-in-1 shorts rings in at $31.97
The North Face ‘better than naked’ rings in at $25.97
|The North Face GTD running short at $ 19.97
And the Clif shot bloks at $2.00!


Show the athletes in your life how much you love them with a red treat from GBRC.  I hear chocolates are a good bonus gift too! 

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