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Congrat-Snowin’ – Lations to the Swampscott GBRC 5K Most Dedicated Attendees!!

Like usual… the Northeast runners are being tested.  Our will to succeed, the determination, our commitment to the goal, to the group, to ourselves – it’s tested much more than other parts of the world.    Today, members of the group ran into the store saying, “It’s balmy out this morning.” or “We’ve run in worse!”

Screenshot 2014-02-13 12.55.42

The stage was set.  All the weather maps indicate that Swampscott is categorized in the bright pink Wintery Mix label.  Despite the obvious cold and wet scene, the determination was not lacking!   We did a quick gear check and realized with the major Winter Sticker Sale taking place in the store and the snow falling outside, it was a good excuse to shop and get set up with the best gear for this cold, wet run.

weatherproof 5k boston 2.13.2014

As pictured above, everyone grabbed the Brooks LSD Lite Jacket III… for men – great fit and colors for women too.  (It’s available online at Run.com, but the stores have more sizes and both color options!)  But the best part –  It’s a windproof and water-resistant AND 50% off making it the perfect amount of coverage for a rainy, snowy winter mix!   This light jacket is fast drying and weighs only 4.3 ounces allowing the jacket to quickly and neatly pack up for carrying or travel.  Most other layers that help keep you dry as you sweat can’t stand up against the wet snowflakes, but the Brooks LSD Lite Jacket repels the precipitation.   Truthfully told, the jacket is listed for temperatures of 40 – 65 degrees, but we know as educated runners that…

Layers are the secret to being comfortable in all temperatures.

  Nice job everyone – We appreciate the commitment to the goal!  Have a big mug of hot chocolate today – you earned it! 


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