What a view!

The GBRC 5K group took to the streets and enjoyed some sun shiny views this morning!

We had to share – take a look!  

The Swampscott GBRC is spoiled.  We have the pleasure of waving at the waves of the Nahant Bay, a view of the Boston skyline, and far far off into the Atlantic ocean. It is an absolute treat!

Swampscott 5K

We took this fantastic picture during our walk portion.  It was almost as rigorous as the walk intensity, but a small group run is not complete without a Swampscott selfie!  When Coach Jennie is away, the kids will play!  Pam Merkel and I did not sign up for coaching responsibilities so we’re a little relaxed with the team!

Selfie Swampscott

The Goal race is 22 day away!!

Supporters – Grab your markers, poster board, megaphones, clappy hands and tshirts.   We need your support and the 5K group is going to cause the biggest excitement you’ve seen at a race ever!!




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