What is the Best Running Shoe?

The staff of the Greater Boston Running Company is asked this question a couple times per day.   – Jennie Sheridan, Training Program Coach and Running Specialist


Runner’s World recently posted, How to Buy Running Shoes, an article about the importance of running shoe selection.  The World provided several excellent reasons why it is important to take some time to find the right shoe for you, and make the investment in your health and fitness.  Spending a little bit of time up front to find the best fit can help keep you fit and healthy.


 What to know before you shop?

BROOKS table at Transformational running clinic - Muhr

 It’s helpful to come prepared with the type of socks you wear (unless you are in the market for some new ones!) and any inserts you normally use.  The shoe wall is a colorful and fun, but try not to get easily swayed by color or style but finding the right type of shoe and most comfortable fit.  With 15-20 minutes of your time, we can answer your questions, and get you out the door and running in the best shoe for you.

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    I have done a bit of running – the shoes I ran my first marathon in were from Marshalls – $29… Lasted about 8 years so I was never a big fan of the new shoe fad…. Well that was until serious injury a few years ago. Now I buy good shoes on a regular basis (as in when I can afford them). I just bought an awesome pair of Mizuno Wave Rider’s at the Greater Boston Running Company. The people there are awesome (Jennie included although she was not there). Support your local running company – they support your races.

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