What is your favorite winter running accessory? And why?

Is it your reflective fest, the running tights, or the wool socks? Do you need the thick hat that covers your ears or the light mittens to keep your fingers warm?

The Swampscott GBRC has been polled on their favorite gear/ necessary gear!

Tucker Orrock stands by the fleece hat because…

Tucker - Swampscott


Phoebe Addis says that a headband is must have because she has a hot little head that steams up during runs.  Another essential for Phoebe is the lined running tights.

Katie Weinmann can’t survive the morning workouts without light fleece running gloves! She meets up with the most positive grassroots workout group called the November Project, on Monday, Wednesdays and sometimes Fridays. If you’re in the Boston area around 6:29AM, I guarantee you’ll work hard, high five several hundred people and hug a few new friends.



37 degrees

The temperature this morning was a whopping 37 degrees at 7AM. The gloves fit the bill for the Monday November Project workouts as the November Project usually includes placing our hands on the cold ground for … approximately 100 push-ups. I know, it does not sound real, but this group likes to rise and shine and work hard!

Stay warm – keep working hard!


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