What’s The Deal with Hoka?



Maybe you’ve seen them on the shoe wall in our Lexington & Hingham stores…or maybe you’ve seen runners bounding down trails with Hokawhat seem like larger than usual shoes.     What’s the deal?

The December issue of Outside Magazine has a great explanation of the latest trend in running footwear.  Goodbye minimalism, hello maximalism!

In 2010, a French adventure racer named Nicolas Mermoud approached Karl Meltzer, the accomplished American ultrarunner, and asked him to try out a pair of running shoes he’d designed. They looked bizarre, like moon boots, and were wider, thicker, and softer than typical running shoes—two and a half times beefier and 30 percent cushier. Meltzer, who had been training with conventional running shoes, was skeptical, but he laced them up and cruised around his Sandy, Utah, neighborhood. He was shocked by how forgiving they were. Halfway through the run, he was sold.


Read the entire article here.

Have you tried them?  Does the “clown shoe” nature scare you away?   Let us know your thoughts!



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