Winter Running Essentials: Base Layers

Sweat Wicking Machines


Layering is an important technique to keep runners warm during the winter because it gives you the flexibility to remove layers if it warms up during your run and if done properly can help retain body heat and remove sweat from the skin. 

A good base layer can be used alone for modest weather and as the temperature begins to drop, other layers can be added on top for extra insulation, wind resistance, and/or water resistance. 

A base layer should be made of a quick drying material (synthetic polyester blend).  Base layers should NOT be made of cotton, because cotton retains water and requires a lot of time to dry (think about how long it takes a cotton shirt vs. a DryFit shirt to hang dry).  Finally, a base layer should fit close to your skin to prevent the escape of body heat. 

Many different types and brands of base layers are available at our store.  Come by and check out our selection! 


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