Winter Running Essentials: Gloves

Nobody likes Frozen Fingers!


Have you recently gone out for a run and returned with hands that were white and numb?  Have you gone on a long run and tried to open a GU or Cliff Shot just to realize you have stone hands and can’t get it open?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it sounds like you need a new pair of running gloves and GBRC has the perfect selection for you! 

Gloves are an important part of your winter running gear because as you run, blood is shunted towards your working muscles.  This means that blood flow is reduced in other areas, including your hands, leaving them cold as ice!  Running gloves are a great option to help keep your hands nice and warm while also wicking sweat away from the skin. 

Check out our selection of gloves, mittens, and gloves that convert into mittens.  We even have some for cooler weather and others for the coldest weather.

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