Congratulations to all runners out there!

This weekend was a BIG weekend here in New York and New Jersey.  Even if you are not from the tri-state area, you are likely familiar with the New York City Marathon (NYCM) and all of the excitement that goes with it.

Yesterday, some of our favorite runners toed the start line at NYCM and rocked it all the way through.  One big running party!  It was not always easy, sometimes very windy, other times hilly, and unfortunately a lot of the times all of the above.  Yet, runners were out there in full force, giving it their all and showing the world that they can, will, and did conquer those 26.2 miles through the five boroughs of New York City.

Today, our hat is off to all of you.  Congratulations! Enjoy the runner’s high that will last all week, wear your medal with pride, and walk the marathon walk with your head held up high!   You deserve it.

There are so many other congratulations to go around as well.  In particular, many of our other runners were racing the Princeton Half Marathon on Sunday.    It was an amazing day with incredibly determined, strong runners who also deserve as much recognition.

To all those others who raced or just ran this weekend, you too deserve recognition.  And finally, let us not forget the spectators and volunteers, a sport unto itself, who keep us all going.  To you,  many many thank yous.

All of you, smile wide today.  You have earned it! Congratulations!

Tell us all about your racing experiences this weekend.



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