Event Recap: Ask the Nutritionist

A huge thanks to Jenna Stock from ShopRite of Hoboken, and all the brave runners who managed to bundle up and make it over for a very windy waterfront workout!

The post run Q & A was full of awesome information, so we’ve decided to share a few of the highlights:

  • Chocolate milk is truly the only perfect 4:1, carb-to-protein ratio that readily exists for a quick, but nourishing post-workout refuel option. Jenna said that those who are extra conscious of sugar intake can look to brands like “trumoo“, but that mixing up a batch of your own is just fine.
  • While the “1/2 hour to refuel” window after a workout is something more serious athletes have abided by for years, last night we learned we might not have to be so militant.  If you finish a long run or an intense workout and plan to eat a full meal within the next hour, eating that quick recovery snack is not so necessary.
  • Ideally, what you consume post-workout should have an adequate amount of carbs,  some protein and fiber, and bit of sugar. It’s why the mix of cereal with dried cranberries, almonds, and pumpkin seeds was the perfect treat after last night’s run. Look to buy the ingredients in bulk to save money making your own bags at home, just be mindful of portion control!
  • Despite the amazing health benefits of making a shake/smoothie with kale, protein, and healthy fruits – many of us are still left feeling hungry. Jenna discussed some studies that have shown that people tend to feel fuller after eating a handful of nuts vs. the caloric equivalent in nut butters. The idea is that the body (and brain!) like having something to chew and break down during the digestive process to feel satiated. So, the next time you pull out that blender, keep a couple of those almonds whole and eat them alongside your blended concoction to avoid those dreaded hunger pangs.


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Stay tuned for future nutrition events!

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