Runner Gifts Series: Robb’s Wish List


Polar RS300X $170

This device was designed for any athlete looking for a go-to training tool with both heart rate monitoring information and timing features. The personal sport zone parameters allow for both intense and safe training, and statistic geeks will love the Polar Personal Fitness Test: a feature of the watch measures at rest aerobic fitness, and displays progress throughout a training cycle, as well as calories burned per session.


Honey Stinger Organic Waffles $22.24 (for a box)

Great for pre-race or workout carb intake, or simply as a snack – this sport-friendly take on the Dutch classic, stroopwafels, is pretty irresistible. Originally made popular by the cycling community, these 160 calorie individually wrapped treats are 100% certified organic and super easy to digest – making them great for consumption in close proximity to intense workouts. The only complaint we’ve heard thus far? Family members have sticky fingers…they just taste too good! Available for single sale or by the box (15% off bulk discount!), and come in 4 delicious flavors: honey, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.


Trigger Point Performance Foot and Lower Leg Kit $110

Offering a solution, rather than a Band-Aid – Trigger Point Kits treat the cause, thus taking care of the symptom. The kit includes: a foot and lower leg biomechanical educational DVD, a performance therapy for foot and lower leg DVD, 2 dense massage balls, and a prop block to be paired with the trigger point “footballer”. All of these gadgets are intended to simulate a deep tissue athletic sports massage, whenever and wherever the athlete needs it. Most often used for injury prevention, this kit is great for treating common running injuries such as: plantar fasciaitis, achilles tendonitis, shin splints, and general arch pain. However, this also makes a great gift for the injury-free runner looking for a feel-good gift.


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