Runner Gifts Series: Scott’s Wish List


Moji 360 massager $50

This multi-directional massage tool is a godsend for anyone with tight hips, sore muscles, or complete lack of flexibility – but don’t be fooled, it’s also an awesome gift for anyone looking just plain feel good! The Moji 360 relieves tightness, aids in increasing range of motion by breaking up scar tissue, improves circulation, and can be used on any body part. With two varying sizes of “massage spheres”, the Moji can deliver the pressure and intensity of the user’s choice – large spheres deliver a more localized massage and dig deep, smaller spheres work on broader areas with less pressure. Sharing is inevitable, so Moji made cleaning a cinch: just wipe down with rubbing alcohol and share away!


Asics 2000 2 GTX $135

 A water and wind resistant version of Asic’s mainstay, these GORE-TEX® models of the 2000 2 are ideal for that year-round runner that simply refuses to run on a treadmill, even in the most unsavory winter conditions! Mild to moderate overpronators will love this weather-ready update of one of Asic’s best-selling shoes.


Sugoi Speedster Hoodie $100

Sugoi’s famed “midzero” material makes its way from bottom to top in this extremely versatile hooded mid-layer. Perfect for quickly changing and unpredictable climates, the Speedster Hoodie features the ever popular thumbholes and fleece-lined hood for quick adaptation to any weather pattern. Despite the thick, cozy feel of the fleece lining, the entire garment still boasts moisture wicking qualities, and is a fan favorite because of its flattering athletic fit: snug through the chest and shoulders, and more relaxed through the abdomen.


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