Staff Profile: Jessie LaPointe

Meet Jessie LaPointe, She’s the manager, aka Big Boss Lady, at New Jersey Running Company – Hoboken.

Jessie has zero hand-eye coordination, so pickin’s for sports were slim. She joined winter track her freshman year of high school and could barely finish a mile. Flash forward a decade, and she’s got 3 full marathons under her belt. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch her doing squats with the water jug in the back of the store, or push-ups in the basement in between shoe-fittings.

Favorite aspect of working here: She loves beginner runners almost as much as she loves bacon. The excitement around getting involved in the sport and the ability to pass along knowledge and encouragement to those just starting to hit the pavement, well, there’s just no greater reward. Knowing that we’ve all started somewhere, she always finds it amazing to not just track progress, but be a part of it.

Local running tips: Practice yoga. Don’t ask questions, just do it. Devotion Yoga is just around the corner from the store, and has a huge range of classes with varying degrees of  difficulty. You’ll be injury free and you’ll thank her later. 

Fun fact: While she’s no stranger to tasty treats that might not always be the most health conscious (read: cured meats, pies, and craft beers), she’s a huge supporter of the local food movement. Catch her hopping onto the PATH into Union Square to hit up the Green Market, or picking up her weekly CSA in her hometown of Cranford.

Special treatment: Bring your pups into the store! Jessie always has treats behind the counter for her canine customers.

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