Staff Profile: Scott Kryger

Meet Scott, our newest (and tallest?!) full time sales associate at New Jersey Running Company – Hoboken!

Growing up, Scott was a basketball junkie and a standout throwing the javelin. For the first 24 years of his life, he refused to consider long distance running.  That all changed in 2010 when he trained for, and completed, the Philadelphia Half-Marathon.  Since then, he has completed four more halves, and finished his first full marathon in New York City in 2013.
Favorite thing about working in the store:  “I love hearing the stories, the paths people have taken to get to where they are today.  Every runner has a journey to talk about, and even though running seems like the most basic of activities, the people behind the runs are complex and diverse.”
Local running tips:  “In Hoboken, I like to run early in the morning.  Get out there before too many cars are on the road, commuters are hitting the sidewalks, or kids are on their way to school.  The early scene is just less stressful and more serene.”
Fun Facts:  Scott can be seen in the upcoming Liam Neeson movie “Run All Night” (if you look very, very, very closely and you have a pause button.)
Favorite Running Gear and Go-To Fuel:  Scott loves to run in his Asics GT-2000s, and refuses to hit the road without his Garmin GPS watch. Pre-race, he goes for turkey sausage and avocado on whole wheat bread (yum!), and a banana.  He swears by Gu Roctane during a long run, and afterwards likes to recover at Grimaldi’s.

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