I AM the Perfect 10 – Race Recap

Hi all, I am Steph, a new member of the New Jersey Running Company.  I cannot wait to share race recaps, product reviews, running tips, and the like with you all. To start out, I could not think of a better way than a race recap.  

This past week was the inaugural event of  CGI Racing’s Perfect 10. Held in Mercer County Park New Jersey this was one of the most amazing races I have ever done.  For now, a recap, to follow a more complete review of the race and things to watch out for from the expo.

Sunday morning, I hopped out of bed at 4:45 a.m. to drive with my amazing co-captain, Tovah, to the Perfect 10.   Tovah is incredible and she is about to do an Ironman!  Tovah and I were leading the We Dream Team (The We Dream Team participates in races to support the nonprofit organization Autism Family Times).  Since we were captains (really I take no credit Tovah did it all), we had to be there early plus we did not want any problems parking.  Before we knew it, we were in and setting up – Check 1 for the Perfect 10, it was so simple for us to get in there and park. I was pretty nervous overall because my knee and various body parts have not been cooperating of late but I busied myself and before we knew it was time to race.

Pre-race photo with my favorite co-captain

Pre-race photo with my favorite co-captain

Due to last week’s awful running and fatigue, my goals for this race was a bit different from normal. My A goal was to finish alive, B to come in sub 1:30, and C to come in sub 1:25.  I really had no clue what was going to happen.  I really wanted to negative split and run a smart race.  My plan was to start with Loren and help her start slow and Chaya.   We all magically found each other at the last second and were off in moments.  The first few steps I was really nervous because it was so crowded, but it took less a quarter-mile to open and I did not have a problem from there.  Check 3 Perfect 10 (oo Check 2 for starting on time with a great send off complete with men in bow ties).


Post race with Loren!

We started running.  It was gorgeous out, perfect race day temperature!  I wanted the first mile to come in around 9 minutes and go from there if I could.  I tried to tell Loren to slow down but she was having none of that and I realized that I felt really comfortable at the pace we were at so in comes Mile 1 at 8:40.

By Mile 2, we could already see the first runners looping back past us (there was a ton of that with this course and having made so many friends it was incredible).  Check 4 Perfect 10!  I saw Meghan from our Princeton store(who I BTW told she should win overall and so she had a hefty task ahead).  She was running her heart out, I yelled out for her (like at the top of my lungs yelling) and she waved back.  Speedy, speedy lady who I currently have a girl crush on.  So umm, yea Mile 2 8:33

 She sorta listened with 6th overall and 2nd in her AG. AMAZING! Like I said girl crush

She sorta listened with 6th overall and 2nd in her AG. AMAZING! Like I said girl crush

By Mile 3 or a bit before that I saw my new friend Dee.  This woman is incredible (as well as her awesome sister – twins – sometimes I can’t even tell them apart).  She literally said “get up here lady” so I had to oblige and keep pace with her.  Come on she was wearing a superwoman outfit!   I also saw Tovah at this point coming the other way and gave her a big yell and wave!  Loved it, loved it, loved it.  At this time, Dee, Chaya and I were running together!  Loren had long since passed us, but the three of us ladies were kicking it.  I felt great! My breath was steady, my legs were feeling decent, and I was not even that sweaty yet.  Mile 3  – 8:31, Mile 4  – 8:22, Mile 5 – 8:30.

Greatest outfit ever!

Greatest outfit ever!

Then I don’t know what happened, but I felt it. You know when things just clicked.  I felt light on my step, like how I could run pre-baby and I just had to go.  I started passing people, I started seeing numbers that I had not seen in a long time.  I just kept ticking people off one by one by one and it felt AMAZING! Mile 6 – 7:50; Mile 7 – 8:12; Mile 8 – 7:59.

It was getting hard now with a long two miles to go, my watch clocked the whole race at 10.19 (everyone had something different and I believe that had to do with if you ran the tangents well or not.  Regardless HOLY WIND!  It was crazy.  could hardly move through it.  Mile 9 – 8:56. Note to self train in wind tunnels.

Here, I was the last mile but I was losing it, losing my mental game.  My friend Chaya, who I had lost in my magical miles, appeared and ran past me.  I was soooo happy for her and cheered for her.  But I did not have it in me.  The last mile was soo tough and it was longer for me which made it even harder, kinda demoralizing.

My watch hit 10 miles at 1:24:47.  I had accomplished my C goal!!!!!! I was smiling from ear to ear but I still had almost a quarter-mile left to get to the finish line.  I ran for it smiling and just giddy.  With end time of 1:26:25 and 19th in my age group! YES!!!! Check 5 Perfect 10 awesome finish, Check 6 great medal, Check 7 perfect food after…can you tell I will be back next year!

Finished and smiling

Finished and smiling

Did you run the Perfect 10 or another race this weekend?  We would love to hear about it or maybe even post your race recap!

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