Marathon Day – What to Wear

Yesterday, we talked weather.  Just basic weather and it was looking pretty good.  Luckily, it still is.  Now that we know what it is going to be like weather-wise on Sunday and lets get more specific on what to wear on the big day.   What to wear is always a stressor come race day.  No one needs more stress on the big day so here is a run down of ideas given the weather this year as well as just some thoughts in general. Remember, and this is a very important point, everyone is different, trust yourself.  You know your body.  We may be offering some suggestions but they are just that, things that we have seen work.  That does not mean they are the best for you, you alone are the best judge of that.   With that being said, here we go:

How to Dress for Your Big Day

1.  Shorts, capris, or pants:  Shorts.  The low on Sunday is going to be 31 degrees and the high is 53.  For this type of weather, we would have to say shorts. It may be cold at the start or maybe not as much as you think because you will be grouped in with thousands of your closest friends.  Even if it is cold at the start, your legs will warm up quickly as you get going and stay warm, they are getting the most action after all.  If you are on the fence and are concerned, go with capris.  Best of both worlds.  Remember though, no reason to be cold while you wait, wear some old sweatpants to the start to wear before you get going.

2.  Long sleeve or short sleeve:  Both!  This is a good day to use the layer option.  If you are cold at the beginning, it may be nice to have  a long sleeve technical shirt to wear.  Once you warm up, you can choose to roll up the sleeves or let the shirt go.  In the alternative, you can go with arm warmers.  Arm warmers also allow the best of both worlds, you can pull them up when you are cold and push them down when you are not without ever skipping a beat.  Just remember if you are using arm warmers be sure to utilize some form of body glide on your arms to prevent chafing (and everywhere else while we are at it).

3.  Sneakers or Flip Flops:  Flip Flops. Ok, just kidding.  We are making sure you are paying attention.  However, the opportunity to take off those races sneakers and socks off post race and get into some clean warm shoes and socks  is always a plus.  Have your favorite buddy waiting with them at the finish line for you.

4. Hat or headband:  Up to you.  There are really so many options these days – hats, visors, sweatbands, headbands.  Know yourself here.  If you tend to sweat a lot or have long hair you might like to take advantage of the sweatbands.  If hats give you headaches, leave it home.

5.  Gloves or no gloves.  It depends.  This one really depends on a variety of factors. It is hard to have one answer, but here is our shot.  If you have really cold hands that stay cold even when running, we suggest you wear your gloves.  Even if you had to throw them, you could always buy another pair.  If your hands generally warm up quickly, go without gloves, you will be fine.  If you are in between, consider hand warmers and/or throw away gloves that way you are warm in the beginning and comfortable throughout.

There we have some of the basics, but don’t forget to have fun with it.  This is a marathon after all.  There are so many outfit choices.  Many us love wearing bright colors so our friends and family can spot us easily on the course, others wear shirts with theirs names on them so everyone along the way can cheer for them personally, and yet others even like to wear costumes while running.  Whatever you decide it is not the day to try something new.  Keep with the things you know, things you are comfortable with, and things that work.  Above all else, have a blast!

If you want people to scream your name, tell them what it is!

If you want people to scream your name, tell them what it is!

What do you wear on race day?

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