Running Motivation – Nov. 2nd

On Saturday November 2nd at 9am, we will be hosting a talk with motivational speaker Andrea Ruchelman.
Here are some details:

“Focusing on HOW You Say It”
How you talk to yourself can influence your goal results


The objective of the program is to help people understand the impact of not just what they say to themselves, but also how they choose their words when trying to reach their goals.

To many times people desire to reach a certain weigh, health level, or physique by focusing on what they want to leave behind. Two things occur when people focus on what they don’t want. 1. They reach their goal and stop there, often falling back into bad habits. 2. They give up after a few weeks when they are not feeling instant gratification.

By changing the attitude, thought process and language people use to reach a goal, they will not only be able to success at reaching their goal but also maintain it and aspire for new opportunities.

Running became apart of my life in my mid-thirties and never before. As I set new running goals I realized I could apply the same internal focus to all other aspects of my life I wanted success in. The influence of words I chose during different runs, whether sprints, tempo or long runs correlated to how I would take on a new challenge in any other area of my life. I chose NOT to beat myself up but to apply the tactics learned during my runs, which I have to say usually are quite mental, and become motivated by the end result – How I felt at the end of the run was upbeat and proud that I saw it through to the end.

During the 20-minute interactive discussion group I will cover three primary topics:
1. Why do we set goals with a negative focus and how to change that WHY to create a positive focus;
2. How to move beyond the roadblocks you create for yourself (e.g. excuses, fears, challenges); and
3. Focusing on the small successes along the way and stop beating yourself up
The goals of New Perspectives Communication to partner with The Running Company are:
1. Build a strong mutually beneficial partnership whereby you retain your clientele at a higher rate;
2. Provide an insight to how personal fitness goal attainment coaching coincides with life goals; and
3. To become a referral base to your clientele who are seeking to change their attitude and focus to one that incorporates positive motivation and support.

When like-minded people work together to create a positive, encouraging, and open atmosphere for others to success, the possibilities are endless. By working together we can help people seeking to make effective change starting with their running goal and translating it to any goal they want in life.

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