New York City Marathon – It Just Got Real!

We are on an official countdown over here at the New Jersey Running Company.    We are 19 days, just 19 days away from the coveted New York City Marathon.   If you haven’t started to feel the excitement in the air yet, today is officially the day to feel it!  If you’ve logged in to the New York Road Runner’s website, you will know that…

official bib and corral numbers are out!

To officially find this information, log in to New York Road Runner’s website specifically, then click on registrations/races, next find @INGNYCMarathon, and click download registration form.

The countdown is ON folks!  Numbers have been assigned and we are all getting pumped for one of the best marathons of the year.  19 days, in translation means you have two last weekends or “long” runs to go before the big day.   Many, if not all of you, are in taper mode.  Those last few weeks before the marathon where you decrease your amount of training to allow your body to rest and recuperate before the BIG day.  This is also the time where we hear a lot about good old “taper crazies” or “taper madness.”  After weeks and weeks of all out training and long runs, you are told to back off, to run 12 instead of 20, 6 instead of 16.  It seems counterintuitive; it shakes your nerves; it is hard to believe that it will actually help you during the marathon.

I just want to go!

I just want to go!

However, there is a meaning behind this madness.   Taper has shown to relax the body, reduce fatigue, decrease the risk of illness, and improve one’s psychological state.  The latter seems hard to believe.  Many athletes “suffer” from taper crazies.  While by no means an illness or disease, it is something that plague us all from time to time.  We want to get out there, we want to get in one more really really good run, we just NEED to go!  But we can’t, we know the thing to do is rest up.

So we do.  We rest, we back down, we taper, and we feel like we want to jump off the edge of our seat.  To quell some taper crazies over here at New Jersey Running Company we do some of the following:

  • Continue to repeat to that we have trained hard and well;
  • Continue to repeat to the importance of a taper in training;
  • Enjoy things we cannot do while in peak training like sleeping in or going to a movie;
  • Be productive in other ways.  Get those things done that you had no time for when you were at peak training;
  • Take a day trip, embrace fall (apple picking, pumpking picking, hayrides, the like); and
  • Spend time with friends and family (you need them, specially on race day and, of course, beyond).


Those shoes will be waiting there for you come 11/3!

Those shoes will be waiting there for you come 11/3!

So here we are folks.  Welcome to taper.  It is not easy to make it here, but you have, congratulations!  You have your bib number and corral in hand and you are ready to go!  Now sit back and relax.  You are going to be great!Tell us how do you manage taper crazies?

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