FIVE FRIDAY FAVES 11/15: a fruity beverage, Trenton Half, cords & cut-throughs

by Meghan Bruce

Last week, I gave you the run-down on five things we were loving here at Princeton Running Company! A week has passed, and you can bet we have five more to share….

1.) Natural energy drink: Bai 5-Calorie Antioxidant Infusions. This coffee alternative is produced locally in Princeton and contains natural sources of caffeine without the coffee flavor: coffeefruit and white tea extract. Here at Princeton Running Company we have, to put it bluntly, overdosed on Bai a bit over the past couple weeks (thank you, everyone who didn’t pick up your Princeton Half Marathon race bags!), and needless to say we have been enjoying every bottle. Our favorite flavors would have to be Ipanema Pomegranate, Sumatra Dragonfruit, Panema Peach, and Molokai Coconut (new!). Bai uses the sweet fruit outside the coffee bean for a unique, antioxidant-rich beverage. As someone who isn’t a big fan of coffee or hot beverages, this is a perfect, healthy pick-me-up for any time of the day. Where to buy it: The 18 ounce bottles are sold in nearly every food store in town with a refrigerator, including Olive’s, D’Angelo’s, Mehek, Slice Between, Zorba’s Grill, George’s, Hoagie Haven, and more – even House of Cupcakes. There is no shortage of Bai in its hometown.


2.) Half marathon: The second annual Trenton Double Cross Half Marathon was last Saturday, November 9th, and was very well-received by every customer and friend from whom we have heard feedback! It was a chilly, gusty morning, but a total of 3,076 runners lined up for the half marathon and 10k. Despite not-so-accurate placement of some mile markers and the unfortunate but inevitable sacrifice of losing a GPS signal in return for the fun of running through the Route 29 tunnel, the races went on without a hitch. Bill Gould, from Yardley, PA, followed up his 2012 third-place finish with an overall win this year in 1:20:01. The women’s winner was Justyna Wilson, of Bensalem, in a time of 1:24:24. Results can be found here.

3.) Running apparel piece: Brooks Utopia Thermal Hoodie. Things got real in Jersey this week, with temps plummeting to below 30 degrees. This sent some freezing souls into PRC seeking comfort in the form of warm, cozy running apparel. I noticed this piece from Brooks was getting more try-ons (and sales) than others, especially by the men. The unique colors for both men and women make it a stand-out item as well. The next time you’re shivering before heading out on your run and want help getting out the door, consider recruiting this jacket.


4.) Non-running fashion item: Camel-colored, skinny cordoroys. I like the looks of them a lot: nice enough to dress up or down, sleek enough to feel whatever the opposite of sloppy is, warm enough for walking around in sub-40 degree weather, and stretchy enough to do a hip flexor stretch in the middle of the day. Hey, sometimes it needs to be done.

5.) Running cut-through: Sometimes we stumble across little wonders mid-run, the kind that take us from one known road to another known road via an unknown channel. In other words, a bike path cut-through. Once we have discovered them though, they can provide the basis for an entire run. One such cut-through is found on Snowden Lane (north of Nassau Street past Harrison) across from its intersection with Van Dyke Rd. The path leads through a small section of woods (the Weller Tract), and can be taken to the left, where you meet up with Smoyer Park, or straight, where it spits you out at Terhune and Bertrand. Furthermore, this section of Terhune actually has no houses on it. That statement makes no sense to you now, so you’ll have to run there and see it to believe it. It’s also home to Princeton’s most useless stop sign…see if you can find it!

Happy Friday! Good luck to all racing the Philadelphia Marathon or Half Marathon, Rothman 8k, Bucks County Marathon and Half Marathon, and any other races we missed!

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