Five Friday Faves

by Meghan Bruce

It’s Friday! For us runners, that means a weekend of early wake-up calls and many miles is in store, often accompanied by attempts to behave like a normal person, i.e., be social, eat, drink, and sleep a lot a little (maybe). In honor of this much-anticipated day, here are five favorites I’d like to share with you before you set off on your weekend endeavors, running-related or not. Note: these are somewhat Princeton-area specific and I hope to post five Friday Faves weekly!

1.) (Non-running) fashion accessory: It got cold in New Jersey this week! I noticed some pretty awesome “newsboy caps” on Nassau St. passerbys this week. For men and women alike, I actually think this is one fashion trend that is not only timeless, but versatile in that it can be added to a casual or an upscale getup; not to mention, they look quite warm. Where to get fall trends for cheap: none other than Greene Street at the corner of Nassau and Vandeventer. (Just don’t snag all the good stuff before I get a chance, promise?)

2.) Local spot to see and be seen: Small World Coffee, located at 14 Witherspoon St. and 254 Nassau St. The owner of the local shop is a frequent visitor to our store, and when she stopped in today we were reminded of why we love it here in Princeton! Previously unbeknownst to us, she said that the Nassau St. location serves great breakfast burritos in the morning! Good to know for the next post-run, pre-work meal!


3.) Running route: Looking for a run of approximately ten miles that you have no way of cutting short whatsoever? Check this out. It’s a nice alternative to other loops that are much hillier, and you can switch it up and run it in the opposite direction, giving it a whole different vibe. Note that the route shown on the map begins and ends at Princeton Running Company, and due to the current construction near the train station, the mileage is approximate (the temporary walkways are quite the maze, am I right?!). 

4.) (Running) apparel piece: This morning I broke out a long sleeved shirt for the first time this season, and I couldn’t think of a better one than the Oiselle Lux Layer. It was so cozy, it was almost like I didn’t actually get out of bed for a ten mile run with intervals in 37 degree weather. Almost. 

5.) Songs to get stuck in your head: Sometimes Passion Pit can be a bit much – the instrumentals, synthesizers, incoherent lyrics everyone seems to comprehend except you. However, I discovered the song “I’ll Be Alright” recently, and it seems to match the height of the fall season very well. Listening to this song pre-run can’t possibly make you negative; it’s so upbeat and is bound to get you through at least the first couple miles if you tuck it away in your mind and bring it out once your feet hit the pavement. An alternative: “Life In Color” by OneRepublic…such a good rhythm to draw to mind for some long run inspiration. 


TGIF! Good luck in all your runs and races this weekend; tell us how they went! 


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