North Jersey Half Marathon race review

by Steve M.

I ventured out of my backyard to run a race in North Jersey yesterday: the North Jersey Half Marathon. After using a coupon code and my USATF discount the race only cost me $50. It was a bit of a long haul getting to the race location and looking at the 49 degree temperature gauge on my car I was not sure I wanted to get out…just kidding. I figured it would be a smaller race because of the race results from last year, but was still pleasantly surprised to see fairly short lines for packet pick-up.

After a quick warm up jog the race started. It was an incredibly flat course and of course that made for fast miles, at least for me anyway. The course had a clock at the first mile marker, and the remaining miles were marked with signs. There were water and Gatorade stops bout every three miles along the way. The race was an open course, but cars didn’t seem to impede on any runners.

Overall, it was a good event. The schedule ran pretty close to advertised and the shirt and medal were sweet.  Even though the race was so far north I did meet a customer in the store the next day who said he ran it as well – pretty cool.

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