Product Spotlight: 2XU – A Beginners Guide to Compression Gear

Why wear it? What does it do? How does it do it?!


Main benefits of Compression – What does Compression do?

  • Muscle Containment: Reduces muscle vibration & oscillation- helps with fatigue from road-running. Helps prevent & address common injuries – Achilles, Calf, Shin Splints, etc.

2XU Containment

  • Improved Muscle Alignment: Compression gear will allow your body to function more efficiently with muscles firing in the correct position for increased power. Minimizes muscle damage and long-term injuries by protecting against tightening of the muscles.2XU Alignment
  • Increased Endurance: all the points listed above will enable a more efficient use of energy, adding stamina & strength during those long runs.
  • Increased Circulation: (about to get technical) Increased Venous Return [blood flow back to heart] and enhanced Arterial Blood Flow of re-oxygenated blood back to muscles.  Increased circulation helps flush lactic acid & metabolic waste. Another great use is for long car rides, plane trips or other lengthy activities.

2XU Circulation

It’s Graduated! So that means….(?)

  • Graduated fit is more compressive at the extremities (furthest from the heart) to improve venous return (return blood flow to heart). 360 Stretch Circular Knit keeps pressure consistent around the muscle to relax arterial walls and increase oxygen rich blood back to the muscles (better circulation)

Other Uses & Tid Bits:

  • Moisture management for dryness & temperature control
  • 50+ UV sun protection
  • Fabric blend of 20% Invista Lycra, 80% nylon for compression garments.
  • It’s not only socks & calf sleeves! Pants, shorts, Short & Long sleeve tops, arm sleeves, leg sleeves! Many styles are available in a performance & recovery version (see 2XU for more details)

2XU Benefits


Check out our doors across New Jersey for a personal fitting or follow this link for our online section.

Happy Running!

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