Pre-Race Jitters/Thoughts Before Philly Half Marathon

philly marathonFour days from today I will be running my first officially timed half marathon (I have run a few on my own and in Half Ironman races before). I have been training for this event since August and have dedicated much of my time to improving my speed to accomplish my goal of a 1:30 (6:52/mile pace). Now the time has come where I enter race mode and I’m getting pumped just thinking about it. Over the last few weeks I’m making sure I am hydrating efficiently and sufficiently. But at the same time I’m constantly playing the race over in mind head. I’m thinking of scenarios where I go out way to fast and I bonk but then I quickly erase that image from my memory. Thinking about failing is just setting yourself up to fail. I quickly shift my thoughts to blowing my goal time out of the water and running a 1:27:30. That is the image I want implanted in my head.

I’m constantly thinking about beating my goal because for me, racing is at least 80% mental. You have to believe in yourself and envision yourself accomplishing your goals to make them a reality. Pain is only temporary and if I can mentally overcome that pain I know I can run that sub 1:30. Four days seems so far away and I just want Sunday at 7AM to be here already. Unfortunately things don’t work that way so in the mean time I’m piecing together the plan for the day prior to the race and what else needs to be done in preparation for race day.

1. Race Day Outfit? What shoes, socks, shorts and top will I wear?
2. What am I eating the night prior to the race?
3. What will I wear pre-race to keep myself warm and loose?
4. Where will my warmup take place in an unfamiliar city?
5. Race strategy: Do I want to join a pace group?
6. How much nutrition should I carry with me in my race belt?

What do you think about the days/weeks/months leading up to a race? Good luck to everyone racing the Philadelphia Marathon/Half Marathon/8K run!


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