Run This Town Recap Week 2

We’re into our second week of the Run This Town series here at the Ridgewood Running Company! Monday’s run took participants to Veteran’s Field (about .5 miles from the store) where they completed three to five loops around the field (about .5 miles each). The group has great determination to complete workouts and motivate each other. After the workout participants spoke of using each other as a means to pace or push themselves. That’s the kind of teamwork we like to see!

Jay’s Running Tip of the Week: Endurance runners should have a short stride with quick leg turnover. A proper stride length is one that allows your feet to land directly underneath your hips. Glance down while you’re running, if your lower leg extends out in front of your hips your stride is too long and could cause injury.

Keep up the good work and keep running!!

Run This Town Stretching

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  1. Carol says

    Hello, i missed the curret train with us program for Westfield but would love to participate in the next round. Can you tell me when that is please?


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