Run This Town Recap Week 3

Last week the Run This Town group completed their third week of training. Already showing great progress, on Monday participants completed a track workout consisting of six 200-meter repeats. Saturday morning the group met at the Ridgewood Duck Pond on one of the nicest spring morning’s we’ve seen thus far! After warming up, the group ran one loop around the pond before heading out onto the park’s trail. Participants pushed themselves to make it to a further mile marker than they’d previously reached before turning back around to complete the loop. With almost everyone able to finish a 3-mile workout, the team’s well on it’s way to the Ridgewood 5k!

Jay’s Running Tip of the Week: While running maintain upright head positioning. Rather than looking down at your feet, concentrate on looking out in front and ahead of you. This will help you maintain better running form and may help increase speed as well. If you’re unable to maintain proper head posture throughout the entire run, practice it a little at a time.

Beautiful day at the Ridgewood Duck Pond!

Beautiful day at the Ridgewood Duck Pond!

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