Meet Harry, Shoe Guru at Ridgewood Running Company, who joined the team in 2012

Harry loves talking about running- the science, competition, gear – whatever! Harry runs for the BAA & New Jersey Masters. His running resume includes 18 marathons (personal best – 2:51) including 13 Boston Marathon starts (3:00 best) as well as 20 Half Marathons (personal best 1:20.21).
Training Tip: 
  • Stick to your running plan. I notice people using different running logs each week; stick to a long run, speed work, and tempo run – at your own pace! I assure you, it will pay off nicely.
  • During a long run I recommend teaching your body how (and when) to utilize the right energy source. I noticed that to maintain a hard effort I have to eat the right fuels (GU, Nuun etc.) You will be surprised how much energy you can save if you fuel right & stick to your race plan.
Note from Harry: “I come from a very poor community in Puerto Rico, I learned what hard work is everyday. I am proud of many accomplishments but the most important of all is seeing my children be successful in life. I am very proud of my children”

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