Meet Jason Cosma, Shoeologist at Ridgewood Running Company, who joined the team in 2013

Jason aka Jay ran cross country in high school and continues to run local 5K races. Jay enjoys interacting with a range of runners and hearing about their experiences, races & working through any training issues. His running resume includes the Rehoboth Beach Marathon (3:42) and two Ironman races with a personal record of (5:47:56). Jay is proud to have raised the athletic-bar for his family.
Tip from Jay: “If you are a newbie to running and haven’t yet picked up a GPS sports watch, I find the Duck Pond (located off Ridgewood Ave) the best place the start. There are mile markers every tenth of a mile – it’s really easy to keep track of your distance. It’s also well shaded, great for those summer months”
Fun Fact: My favorite pre-race energy food would be a Vanilla Stinger Waffle – I can’t get enough of those things! I also live with my Garmin Forerunner 305 – we log every single step, look me up on Garmin Connect!

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