Meet Jēkabs, sales associate at Ridgewood Running Company, who joined the team in 2013

Jekabs started running in the 1st grade as part of his elementary school’s running club. He now runs competitively for his high school cross country, indoor & outdoor track teams. Jekabs has competed in everything from 400m to 5,000m with his passion in distance running. “I enjoy being able to improve the quality of training, racing or just their general enjoyment of running by finding the gear that suits them best”, says Jekabs.

Training Tip: Hills! I live in the Montvale area and it’s a great place for hill workouts. There are plenty of trails to run when you need a break from the monotony of road running. In general, just go out and enjoy your runs as much as possible!

Fun Fact: You will never catch Jekabs racing in the same shoe twice! Before races you will always see him carrying his lucky rock and wearing his lucky socks (Feetures Eilite) given to him by the Ridgewood Running Company two years prior. Jekabs is fluent in Latvian & speak German frequently. Sveiki! Hallo!

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