Meet Rob DeCarlo, Chief Training Officer – Run This Town coach, who joined the team in 2013

Rob is a former high school sprinter turned distance runner who runs anywhere from 40-60 miles per week while training for his favorite distance, the half marathon. He enjoys interacting with beginners and elite athletes that stop in the store. As Ridgewood Running Company’s Run This Town coach, Rob specializes in training and motivating runners to achieve their goals.
Rob is the recently retired former Head Track & Field Coach of the Don Bosco Prep Ironmen and current Women’s Distance Coach and Marathon adviser for the Garden State Track Club. He eats fettuccine alfredo with grilled chicken before every big race; he is currently in the midst of a running streak, with the ante being he refuses to shave until he takes a day off – time spent shaving is time that could be spent running!
Training Tip: Join a running club (Garden State TC?!) or join us for a group run! You never have to run alone!


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  1. Fasterthaniwasbefore says

    Thank you rob for all that you have done for me. I have improved so much since meeting you. I have never had a coach that was so talented.

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